Bölümümüzde Dr. Y. Martin Lo’nun Katılımıyla “Global Food Safety Challenges and Opportunities” Başlıklı Seminer Programı Düzenlendi

3 Nisan 2017, Dr. Y. Martin Lo katılımıyla, “Global Food Safety Challenges and Opportunities” başlıklı seminer programı düzenlenmiştir.


“Dr. Y. Martin Lo, CEO & President of Biointellipro LLC, decided to step aside from his 20 years of academic career to focus on his belief of applying “adequate and affordable” technologies to help those in need. He is a strong believer of “when it comes to science, one has to be humble,” which leads to his vision of being the frontline person to “observe and learn” in order to understand what the real needs are. He has been instrumental in organizing interdisciplinary teams to strategize effective approaches so the resources could be best utilized. Dr. Lo is a well-published food bioprocess engineer with renowned research programs in value-added bioconversion of food and agriculture byproducts as well as development of food safety strategies. His technical expertise include intervention strategies for microbial control in food processing facilities, post-harvest preservation technologies, recovery of renewable ingredients to add value to agriculture products and byproducts, reduction of trans fatty acids in food, creation of nutritionally balanced products for humanitarian purposes, assessment of nano-safety in food, and fermentation optimization. He continues to serve as the Editor-in-Chief for two important journals in the field, namely the Journal of Food Processing & Preservation and Food Science & Nutrition.

Dr. Lo currently serves as the first Ambassador for the International Union of Food Science and Technology (IUFoST) and received from White House the US Presidential Volunteer Service Award in 2012. As a FDA-recognized Process Authority, Dr. Lo reviews and certifies scheduled process for food companies to meet FDA/USDA regulations on high risk acidified and low-acid canned foods. Dr. Lo constantly hosts training courses, including Better Process Control School (BPCS), Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP), and Implementation of Safe Quality Food (SQF). He assists Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DHMH) in assessing processing protocols and has helped Mid-Atlantic regional food companies and the farming communities develop new quality products. He served as the President of the Chinese American Food Society and the Chair of Food Engineering Division in the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT), and was selected twice as a Distinguished Lecturer for IFT. Dr. Locontinues to serve on the international training team for Commercially Sterile Packaged Foods (CSPF) and Good Agriculture Practices (GAPs). He has conducted a spectrum of workshops in developing countries, including CSPF (Morocco and China), Food Safety Risk Minimization (Nigeria), Food Quality Lab and Nutrition Labeling (El Salvador), US Food Safety Modernization Act (China), and GMP & HACCP (Bangladesh).”